Apr. 18, 2016

Message from President Akio Toyoda to the Residents of Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan


On behalf of everyone at Toyota, I would like to offer my prayers to all those who lost their lives in the devastating earthquakes that have repeatedly struck Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu since last Thursday. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the bereaved, as well as the survivors.

I was rendered speechless with sadness and frustration as I watched these events unfold and received on-site reports from colleagues. Just as every tremor subsided, the next one seemed to begin, causing massive landslides, tearing enormous cracks in the ground, and severing roads.

I would like to express my deep respect for how the people of Kumamoto have coped with this.

You have shown unbelievable courage in your efforts to bring stability back to the area, even though your lives have been turned upside down, and even though you must constantly worry about when the next aftershock might comeā€•and whether you will be able to sleep safely each night.

In a smaller way, Toyota has also been affected by this disaster. Although we are still trying to assess the exact impact on our operations, we are aware of issues at suppliers and production facilities, as well as dealerships. Toyota team members are already working side-by-side with local residents to support the ongoing relief and recovery efforts.

Going forward, two things will take absolute priority over everything else: helping to ensure that the people of Kumamoto are safe, and contributing to the recovery of the region. We at Toyota will do in anything we can to help effect a swift recovery in the stricken area.

April 18, 2016

Akio Toyoda
Toyota Motor Corporation