Jun. 18, 2017

Comment from Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada concerning 24 Hours of Le Mans


For all the fans who had high expectations and who passionately supported our team, I am filled with feelings of both deep appreciation and deep sorrow. To everyone, thank you very much. I am sincerely sorry that we were not able to live up to your expectations.

I know many of our fans, as well, had hoped that we could make up for the final three minutes of last year’s race, in which we were not able to keep the lead at the end.

Although I have been to Le Mans several times, never so loud have I heard cheers of “Toyota! Toyota!”, both before and into the race..

And, late at night, even when we were down to battling with just one car, many fans stayed on across from the Toyota pit, continuing to wave our flag and to cheer us on..

I am sure that, in Japan as well, there were many doing the same in front of their screens..

The only thing I had been thinking about over the past year was wanting to be able to welcome everyone’s smiling faces when we crossed the finish line. For this, all of our engineers, mechanics and suppliers united as one team to make effort after effort. I extremely regret that we were not able to meet our objective. No matter how much you prepare, during a race, the unexpected can, indeed, happen. Although it is a shame that cars No. 7, No. 8 and No. 9 experienced the flaws and troubles they did, in truth, there is something we still lack..

However, even when we only had one car left in the race, the fighting spirit and never-give-up attitude of car No. 8, which continued pushing to drive as far as possible, left us with a very important “part”..

With this never-give-up attitude, we will again search for the elements that have eluded us and be back here again next year. I hope we will once again be able to enjoy your support..

To all those who have supported us in this race, thank you all so very, very much.

Takeshi Uchiyamada
Toyota Motor Corporation