May. 22, 2014

Toyota to Hold Children’s Traffic Safety Events at
Fuji Speedway Safety Education Center


Toyota City, Japan, May 22, 2014―Toyota Motor Corporation announces it will hold traffic safety events for children in May and October at its "mobilitas" safety education center at Fuji Speedway in Japan.

The events, “The Toyota Safety School in 'mobilitas'”, are aimed at preventing traffic accidents involving children and have been held since 2006 as part of the center's activities to support the local community. The events are supported by the local government and are attended by children from local kindergartens and nursery schools, along with their guardians.

At the event, a Toyota mascot and instructors will explain traffic safety rules in an easy-to-understand manner, while traffic situations recreated outdoors will help teach children the meaning of different traffic signals, the dangers of running out into the street, and how to cross a street properly.

For guardians, there will be presentations on children's behavior, accident case studies and the importance of household education on traffic safety. Furthermore, there will be a video presentation on proper seatbelt use and an opportunity to practice correct installation of a child safety seat.

Also, as part of its social contribution activities elsewhere in Japan, Toyota holds an annual Toyota Safety School event for kindergarten and nursery school children living in and around Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. This event has been held at the Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall in Toyota City since 1975. A commemorative ceremony was held on May 21 to mark the 40th holding of the program, which is scheduled to run from May to July this year.

Traffic safety is Toyota's top priority. This is based on the belief that eliminating traffic casualties requires an integrated approach encompassing the development of ever-safer cars and technology, improvement of the traffic environment, and traffic safety education. This year's traffic safety awareness campaign is one of Toyota's many continuing efforts to that end.

Outline of "Toyota Safety School in 'mobilitas'"

Place Toyota Safety Education Center "mobilitas", Fuji Speedway, Shizuoka Prefecture
Dates May 29 and 30; October 22 and 23
Time 9:15 to 11:30
Participants Children from seven local kindergartens and nursery schools (approx. 190 children and approx. 190 guardians)

Outline of "Toyota Safety School in 'mobilitas'" event content

Time Activity Main Content
09:15 to 10:05 Indoor session - For children: video on traffic safety, learning about how to walk on and near roads
- For guardians: Presentation on child behavior, accident case studies, and correct installation of child safety seats (hands-on practice)
10:05 to 11:05 Outdoor session - For children: Presentation on the meaning of different traffic signals, the dangers of running out into the street, and how to cross a street properly
- For guardians: Simulation demonstrating effectiveness of seatbelts and presentation on checking blind spots while driving
11:05 to 11:30 Wrap-up Review, commemorative photo and presentation of completion certificates


  • Children’s Traffic Safety Event at Fuji Speedway
    Children’s Traffic Safety Event at Fuji Speedway