Company Name Establishment Main products / activities Capital
(¥ million)
TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION Nov. 1926 Manufacture and sales of spinning and weaving machines, industrial vehicles and automobiles; logistics 80,462
AICHI STEEL CORPORATION March 1940 Manufacture and sales of specialty steel, forged steel products and electromagnetic parts 25,016
JTEKT CORPORATION Jan. 2006 Manufacture and sales of machine tools, auto parts 45,591
TOYOTA AUTO BODY CO., LTD. Aug. 1945 Manufacture of auto and special vehicle bodies and parts 10,371
Toyota Tsusho Corporation July 1948 Business transactions related to various items in Japan and between foreign countries, import and export 64,936
AISIN SEIKI CO., LTD. Aug. 1965 Manufacture and sales of auto parts 45,049
DENSO CORPORATION Dec. 1949 Manufacture and sales of electrical components for automobiles and other applications, air conditioning equipment and general appliances and electrical appliances 187,457
TOYOTA BOSHOKU CORPORATION May 1950 Manufacture and sales of vehicle interior parts, filters and power train mechanical parts and textiles 8,400
Towa Real Estate Co., Ltd. Aug. 1953 Owning, managing, buying, selling and renting out land, management and rental 59,450
TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC. Nov. 1960 Fundamental research and testing for technical development for the Toyota Group 3,000
TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN, INC. July 2012 Manufacture of automobiles and parts, all wheel drive powered wheelchair, automatic vehicle maintenance lift 6,850
TOYODA GOSEI CO., LTD. June 1949 Manufacture and sales of rubber, plastic and urethane products, semiconductor related products, electronic products and adhesives 28,027
Hino Motors, Ltd. May 1942 Manufacture and sales of large trucks, buses, small commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, engines and spare parts 72,717
DAIHATSU MOTOR, CO., LTD. March 1907 Manufacture and sales of automobiles, specialty vehicles and parts 28,404
TOYOTA HOUSING CORPORATION April 2003 Planning, sales, construction and after-sales service of housing 7,400
TOYOTA MOTOR KYUSHU, INC. Feb. 1991 Manufacture and sales of automobiles and parts 45,000
As of April 2013.