Personal Information Protection Policy

Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has established its own basic policy toward the protection of customers' personal information as explained below under its understanding that it is an important social liability of an enterprise to be compliant with the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan and relevant laws and to handle information retained by the Company by which a user can be identified (hereinafter "Personal Information") in a proper manner.

1. Establishment of a Personal Information Protection System

The Company shall have its executives and employees, etc. understand the importance of protecting Personal Information, and the Company shall establish a control system related to Personal Information protection. Furthermore, the Company shall stipulate control rules for obtaining, using, and providing, etc. Personal Information and properly control such Personal Information.

2. Obtaining Personal Information

The Company will, when obtaining any Personal Information, identify the purpose of use thereof and obtain the Personal Information with prior consent from the relevant customers to the extent it becomes necessary to achieve the purpose of use which was identified to the relevant person through a lawful and fair manner. When any user should contact our "Customer Assistance Center" mentioned below (hereinafter referred to as "CA Center"), all such communications are to be recorded in order to confirm the details.
In addition, the Company has adopted a caller identification system so that the Company may return a call to such user for a follow up in case of necessity.

3. Handling of Personal Information

1) Use within the purpose of use
  1. When introducing in a commercial manner any and all goods, services, etc. that the Company provides
  2. When conducting surveys through questionnaires for enabling the Company to plan and develop any products, improve the quality and/or to study any measures to improve customer satisfaction, etc.
  3. In addition to planning and developing any products and/or improving quality, when providing failure diagnosis, etc.
  4. When conducting any measures needed to respond to any enquiries received from any user, to provide prompt service, etc.
  5. For any other purposes disclosed to the user when obtaining the relevant Personal Information
  6. When required to comply with any provisions in any applicable laws and regulations or follow any governmental notification and/or guidelines, etc.
    When the Company should provide information with any customers through Toyota dealers, the Company will provide the Toyota dealers with any relevant Personal Information.
  7. Upon receipt of any inquiry from any customer by the CA Center and for enabling the Company to take the most suitable measure, to provide the relevant Personal Information if so required to relevant Toyota dealers and/or the Company's business partners via telephone, in writing and/or through electronics media, etc., provided, however, such Personal Information shall not be provided whenever any relevant customer should so require.
    *Items belonging to Personal Information to be provided;
    Customer's name, address, age, telephone number, and any other information relating to the contents of the customer's counseling description
2) Security Control Measures of Personal Information

The Company shall implement systematic, physical and technical security control measures in a suitable manner to prevent any and all Personal Information from being accessed in an unauthorized manner, from being lost, damaged, altered, or leaked, etc. and for any other security control of Personal Information. In addition, the Company will take human security control measures appropriately by promoting activities including training and education for Personal Information protection to its executives and employees, who should handle any Personal Information.

3) Provision of any Personal Information to any Third Party

The Company shall never provide any and all Personal Information obtained pursuant to Article 2. above to any other third parties without obtaining prior consent from the relevant customers, except for providing the cases set forth in 6 of Sub-clause 1) in Article 3. and the cases identified indicated during the obtaining of Personal Information.

4) Supervision of Contractors Handling Personal Information

The Company may provide any Personal Information to any of its contractors to the extent only necessary to achieve the purpose of use identified in advance with Personal Information obtained according to the stipulations in Article 2. above.
Even in such a case, the Company shall request the relevant contractor to handle the relevant Personal Information in a proper manner and the Company will control the use thereof by such contractor in a suitable fashion.

4. Measures During Accidents

In the event that accidents of leakage, etc. of Personal Information occur, the Company will take appropriate actions by carrying out investigation of the facts in the situation and proper implementation of measures to prevent secondary damage and reoccurrence.

5. Continued Improvement

The Company will work on continued improvement so Personal Information is properly handled. In addition, improved contents shall be reflected in this basic policy based on necessity.

6. Inquiries, etc.

Any customer may, by following the prescribed procedures of the Company, request the Company to disclose any and all Personal Information which has been kept by the Company and belongs to such customer. When any customer should request the Company to disclose its own Personal Information owned by the Company, such customer is kindly requested to address its request to the CA Center.
The CA Center will be willing to take care of any enquiries and/or consultations pertaining to any Personal Information, including cases that any customer should request to make any correction to, discontinue the use of and/or delete any Personal Information. In any event, any and all enquires or consultations from any customer shall be handled in compliance with the purports of PIP Law in an adequate manner.

The contact point for a customer regarding the handling of Personal Information;
Customer Assistance Center [Toll-free call] : 0800 - 700 - 7700 (for Japan domestic call only)
Opens from 9:00 am through 6:00 pm
*Depending on the settings of your phone, your call may not connect to the toll free line.

This text is translated from Japanese into English to be used solely as reference material to aid in the understanding of Japanese original text.

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